Chef Arnaud Bourg Broc

A career

Pastry, chocolate and a passion for sweets

Born in Paris, ABB knew when he was 15 that his future would immerse him in the universe of flavours. Inspired by gourmet shop windows of his childhood, he chose the challenging training with ‘Compagnons du Devoir’. His career for pastry has been confirmed since.

“Create a unique contemporary pastry with precision, attention to detail and most importantly, pleasure.”

During his ‘Tour de France’, he enriched his knowledge from various confectioners.
Soon he realises he needs to broaden his horizons and take off for a year to Tokyo, where he decides to learn the art of a chocolatier.

His experience in Japan, under the sign of precision, human respect, and great attention to detail still influence his work today to create quality contemporary pastries.


Pastry, the art of sharing

At 23, ABB joins prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure de Patisserie (ENSP) in Yssingeaux, France and becomes an assistant instructor. He learns from the best: MOF and world champion pastry chefs and share with others his artisanal craftsmanship skills.

Generosity and authenticity to serve traditional craftsmanship

Sometimes a pastry chef, or an instructor but always an experimented professional, ABB always practices his work with generosity and authenticity.


A pastry chef "Certifié Toqué"

During his training at ENSP, ABB discovers a new passion: competitions.
In a field where you need to excel, he is wins the “2012 French Croquembouche championship”. A contest that only lasts 4 hours.


In 2015, after 13 years of experience in the field, ABB finally creates his own brand: “Certifié Toqué”, to share his love and passion for high quality pastry. His creations are a success: original, authentic and entirely home-made to please his regular clients.


Indulge Montpellier

After travelling throughout France and around the world, ABB finally decides to settle down in Montpellier in 2014.

” It was love at first sight with the South of France. The Hérault region was an obvious choice because of its proximity with the sea and Montpellier even more, for its quality of life, great energy, diversity and the richness of local products. “

Always guided by his passion for sweets, ABB is always concerned to satisfy his clients and give them the best. Indulge Montpellier is the new challenge of the young and talented pastry Chef.

If you wish to try the Chef’s fabulous cakes and other delicacies, and meet his ceaseless smile, meet him at the local markets in and around Montpellier!