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Certifié toqué is a gourmet label created in 2015 by the pastry Chef ABB.

” I chose the name Certifé Toqué as a tribute to a chef’s hat (Toque in French) but also for the funny side of it (toqué also means crazy in French) because you need to be a little crazy to do this job!”

Claimed 100% home-made, each of the delicacies stamped with the logo “Certifié Toqué” will not only delight young palates, but the older ones too!

And to go further in his search for authenticity, ABB chose to meet his clients by going around his adopted Region. You can find him in different local markets (Tuesdays and Saturdays at the ‘Marché des Arceaux and Sundays at the “Marché de Lattes”)

Banniere Certifié Toqué


ABB and his gourmet delicacies are the results of childhood memories and those of his clients from 7 to 77 years old (and more!)

” Certifié Toqué is more than anything has a soul of a passion”

Revive forgotten flavours, awaken precious memories of childhood afternoon teas… this is the Chef’s leitmotiv, to create and live with passion his craftsmanship. ” When I see a child’s eyes sparkle when they eat my Cannelés or a grandmother who tells me that my orange cakes are as good as those of her childhood, these are real rewards” says Arnaud.

Cannelés, financiers, soft cakes, seasonal fruit tarts, Aigues morte’s Fougasse, chocolate spread etc… All these authentic products from your childhood are affordable, and stay a sweet treat for all!


Certifié Toqué 2


ABB chooses his ingredients with a high quality standard, and as often as he can from the local producers that he knows and work with from local markets.

” To enjoy a Certifié Toqué creation, is to savour a moment of great simplicity, authenticity, and a time of indulgence”.

His pastries are often associated with local products of intense and exceptional taste such as: AOP Chestnuts from Marron Imbert, Ardèche, Grand cru chocolates from Valrhona and Chocolaterie de l’Opéra, transformed at Tain l’Hermitage and Chateaurenard, candied fruits from Cruzilles in Auvergne, or Red Label flour … and many other products.

Certifié Toqué 3


ABB settled down his 100 laboratory in Fabrègues, a few kilometres from Montpellier.
This is where all the creativity takes place. From there, all 100% home-made delicacies will be sold on different local market stalls.
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